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Websites to Explore

The links below include sites that have been researched for safety.


poptropica This is a site that encourages children to look for information in their environment.  They need to notice information on posters, materials that are stored, ‘talk’ to locals and notice what is happening around their character in order to solve problems.


Is there is a site you like? leave a comment

 Columbia Virtual Academy          puzzles      MATH    

replace coolmath-games with this!  🙂    Math Nook  or iMath  or parcc games

create a cartoon Toondoo     Crash Course videos    weavesilk

Smithsonian                          NatGeo                              WatchKnowLearn                 Learn about everything library

MathisFun                    Khan Academy                           Infographics-type in the search box

Kids Astronomy

Exploratorium    Gallery of Art

Code.org-see Mrs. Dotts for an account.

Sites for Teens



If you want to watch a youtube video and not be exposed to sketchy comments or suggested videos

use clean video search



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