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School’s Out!


Hey There! I miss my Superclass of the Golden Geeks! That last day, or rather , couple of hours was CRAZY! My 5th graders were SO ready to be 6th graders! Well, Congratulations! You have survived the Elementary and the Awesome Arcadia and are off to conquer the Middle School! You can do it! I know you can!
Parents: Found another site that offers some great math help for ‘picturing’ how to multiply add, subtract, ratios and percentages. http://www.thinkingblocks.com/
Stop by later!
KIDS . . Super kids!! Help your mom around the house. Your old enough, you could have survived by yourself in the Old West! Had a job in the Industrial revolution and have sneaked your way into fighting in the Revolutionary and Civil War!
So, get yourself some Purple bunnies and help out!

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We have a new Wiki!


The students are working on editing it!
Hi Jake!

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I’m a Smarty and I know it!


Hey!  When I walk into class, this is what I see.  Everybody stops and they stare at me.  I’ve got skills in my brain and I’m not afraid to show it , show it, show it.

Have you seen these glasses around?  Well, they are a part of this class’ Identity.  We are innovators!  We are on our way to learn more, accomplish more and help more than any class in the HISTORY of Arcadia!

Really, if you want to jump on board with us, we’ll be glad to bring you along.  Be careful though, you are signing on for a lot of work, and learning.

Also, innovation isn’t easy.  Helping create change, improvements and discoveries can be lonely work!  So, you also need to continue to develop your communication skills.  Speaking, writing, interpersonal talking all need to be used if you want your idea to fly!

You really need to work with others to accomplish great things!  Even if you do create and innoate on your own, you wont have an audience for your idea if you neglect to develop your skills!

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State Testing!


Important dates.

Well we will be taking the Science test on Tuesday, May 1  Math on Friday, May 11. (next Friday, not ‘this one’) Those two tests will be taken on the computers.  Please encourage you child to carefully select answers based on the strategies your child has learned.  Please do not ‘click and go”   Thursday the 3rd we will take the reading test in our classroom, on paper.

Probably the best thing you can do to help your child, is ensure plenty of sleep and good nutrition.  This is probably not the time to have week-night sleep overs.  :0)

Good Luck!  They are totally prepared!  I expect great work from this class!

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This week, let’s post some of our favorite quotes that motivate us to continue working, when we want to quit!  Just go ahead and post them in the comments section.Click to view

Now, here is a link that was shared with my classmates in my College Technology class.


Okay, it is about the size of different things in the entire universe and how they relate to each other.  See at one point, there is a moon from another planet that is about the same size across as Italy and California.  Which means that Italy is about the same size as California. You can click on any of the objects and learn more.   Really you need to share this with your whole family!  The coolest part is it is created by a couple of kids just like you!

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Landforms, erosion, function tables, oh my!


Well, I’ll say that the Welcome Back Week was busy, tiring and full of fast fact filled days.  Can you believe that Friday was so busy, with Perseverance Quotes, Function Tables, Stream Tables and Tobacco Free Training that I completely forgot to use the Student Response sytem and Power Point I spent hours on?!

Well, we get to use it Monday.  Be prepared for one on Science review as well. More importantly, brainstorm ideas for the presentation you and your partner will create about preventing erosion.

When I say review, I mean review of your last five years of science!  Yes!  we finally get to show off everything we have learned to our state !  We will also get to write a bit.  Not the Narrative kind of writing, to tell a story.  We won’t write any Persuasive letters.  We won’t event write in the Expository mode.  Nope, not Poetry either.  We will practice our skills of Procedural writing.  The kind we have practiced while writing up our science investigations and observations.

Check back on Monday for images from our motivating visit from Nurse Dawn.  Actually I hope it was discouraging.  I hope her visit  and all the the ‘gross’, ‘graphic’ images actually discourages you from ever making such an unhealthy choice as smoking or using tobacco in any way.

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Welcome Back!


Wow! It was tough getting my brain wrapped around the professional attire and the schedule that the classroom requires! I wanted to wear my jeans and cowboy boots, but decided that a skirt would look more  . .teacher-y.  I noticed the students had a bit of a time maintaining their composure throughout the day. It was obvious that they were as tired as I was. I hope that tonight, everyone gets some rest so we can be ready to get going with our Spring work!

Parents! I invite you in to see what we are up to! I would love help on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons around 2:00 since we will be playing in the sand and water while we explore science concepts about weathering, erosion and landforms. Also, if you know anyone who is an orienteering guru . . .Maybe we could schedule an visit?

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Spring Break 2012 WHHOOOOAAA!!!!


The weather for our break started off with plenty of precipitation! But thankfully Parts of Sunday dried out, with a little help from the incessant wind. Monday . . .did you go outside? After we went to Triple Play, we spent the rest of the day outside because it finally felt like SPRING. I rode a horse for a few minutes, dug in the garden and even planted a couple big trees.

Speaking of outside, it is very important for you to go outside as much as possible! Honestly, I do not have the research of scientific experiments at my fingertips, but I am certain that a short search would show that kids who spend time outside are healthier!” There are probably several experiments done on being outside and your grades too. I know for sure there are studies that prove that t.v. and video games are detrimental to the education of all people.

Of corse if it becomes VERY rainy and cold again, maybe you can do what some of these 5th graders have done! They created a ‘stop motio video” That is where you take photos of objects, move the objects, slightly. Then take another photograph, move the object slightly. Then take another photograph, move the objec

t slightly. Then take another photograph, move the object slightly. Then take another photograph, move the object slightly. Then take another photograph, move the object slightly. Then take another photograph, move the object slightly.

Get the picture? After all of that, add some text, some music and viola! a Lego guy movie!
[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/DJZr-LFxG_g" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

So, how is your Spring Break going? And what  have you created over the break?


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Conferences! followed by a . .Restful? Spring Break .


Hey !! It was good to see you! I love visiting with you about your kids! It was awesome to share success, growth and continued excellence!
I hope that as questions about the conference pop into your head, that you will call me, text, or email me anytime! You child’s learning and success is why I do what I do! Mind you, I am doing a better job for your child than i am mine! i assure you. I sometimes feel a little bad. I think, “Hey, I can teach that to Dawson tonight, I ‘d better get this kid going on that right now!”
Fortunately Dawson has other teachers in his life to keep him on track!
Well, it’s true. there is no homework over break! Just take a big, deep breath and get re-energized for some hard work when you return!!
Have a springy Break and watch out for Purple Bunnies!

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Wacky Weather


So, one day we have 4 inches of snow.  The next day, I saw our custodian, Mrs. Norma, sweeping leaving up from fall.  Yet, the next day, four inches of snow again.  Only this time, the snow survived the day.

This week is/has been very busy.  Our students had an opportunity to perform with the 6th and 7th grade students at the High School for Band.  They played superbly!  I also saw some excited faces on our 5th graders as they saw the options they may have for band next year!

Thursday we had a Principal’s Pride Assembly!  Way to go !  Friday holds the choir trip in the morning.  Then after school, the Math is Cool team is heading to a competition at St. George’s.

So, even though there is snow on the ground, the fast pace of Spring has approached!

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