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Spring is beginning to Burst into Summer!


At 3, 4th and 5th grades we have been diligently building our technology skills.

5th Graders are gathering photos to insert them into a PhotoStory.  it is a Microsoft Program that is similar to MovieMaker, which is also a safe and free download from Microsoft.

We also are learning about how digital editing of photographs is important to consider when we view images that are presented on magazine covers, advertisements and other visual media.  Help your child remember that those pictures do not represent people accurately.  They are more like cartoons, than reality.

That being said.  . 4th graders are getting to practice collecting photos from our shared drive and saving them into their own folders.  The, they have learned about some free online editing tools.  Pixlr is one example.  They have layered borders, overlays and effects onto images.  The intermediate level allows them to actually alter, or change, the images.

Third graders are learning about the SafeSearch feature most search tools offer. I also encourage them to include their parents on any of their internet time.  Students really need to limit their ‘screen time’ to less than 2 hours a day.  The next skill the third grades have been practicing is using ‘keywords’ for their internet search.  This take a thinking skill called ‘synthesizing’.  Students have to determine the most important word in their query, then add the next important word to begin the process of narrowing their search.  Regular search engines can return millions of results.  Student friendly search engines reduce that number to a manageable range for our kids.  Kidrex is a good example.

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