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The third, fourth and fifth Graders have had a lot of opportunities to practice using the Testing interface.  They are pretty familiar with using the computer to show their learning.  Each year, in order to ensure the students are making adequate improvement, they use the Scholastic Program which cycles them through Reading and Math questions.  The Scholastic programs are ‘adaptive’.  That means that they determine which level a student is proficient asking easy and difficult questions.  The students get very excited when the computer asks them a math question that includes some middle school algebra!  The reading test gives them short passages from familiar texts, then offers a sentence for the student to complete. Like. .  .Sam felt a)tired  b)happy  c)lonely  .  The students make the choice based on the evidence in the text.

Combined with the work their classroom teacher have carried out, the students were quite prepared for the assessment.  we can’t wait to see the results!

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