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First BE FOREWARNED!  Our environment is soon to be filled with Scientists!!  Our annual science fair is approaching.

Students are to choose a project where they CONTROL a VARIABLE.  We have discussed the difference between interesting science questions and questions that are great for a Science Project.

There are a lot of fun projects out there!  But be careful!  Our purpose is  to engage the students in solidifying their understanding of a VARIABLE!

So, building a solar oven, a microscope, volcano, muscle model or other demonstration or exploration will NOT work for this fair.  🙂 

Examples of Interesting questions.

What are stars made of?*What ingredients are in Friskies dog food?*How many students can you stuff into the computer lab?

There Must be a ‘Testable Question”  The students need to be able to circle the Control and underline the Changed variable.

Examples of Good science Questions.

Which dog food does my dog prefer?*Which battery lasts longer to power my MP3 device?*

Those are questions where students can perform repeated trials and record their results in a table.

Other science questions, where students explore differences like, who in my family can roll their tongue?   Are great for recording data, but not for making conclusions unless there is more research completed by the scientists.

Cows Moo Softly  Click to see what that has to do with Variables!

General Science Fair Information

Variables Information

Experiments with one variable

Lots of links

Inspirational ideas-

Display support

In the Technology Lab;

Fifth graders: Working on the Presentation Software create a Digital Citizenship slideshow.  Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful

Link here to see evidence of our discussions Digital Citizenship

Additionally, they are reading Non-Fiction Text for a Classroom project that is due the first week of February.

Fourth graders: Still improving our Brochures.  Through this project students are learning how to save photos and insert them into a document.  They will also format heading and text with bullet points.

In Class they have a reading project due the end of January on a Historical Fiction Book.

Third Graders: They are becoming RETRIEVERS.  They can open up our network drive, find their grade level folder and access their very own folder that they will use until they graduate from DPSD! they have been retrieving their Drawing,  where they are learning to use menus, format shapes and customize images.  they Resize  and fill the  shapes to create a scene.  The most important thing they have learned to do is SAVE!  they can save using the icon and the menu.


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