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The month of September, like the regular classroom, was filled with assessments. Students in each grade completed Scholastic Reading Inventory and the Scholastic Math Inventory. These assessments just learn how students work with text from books and how they work with math concepts.
With this information, the classroom teacher can make instructional decisions more tailored to student needs.

Now that the assessments are finished, for a little while, each grade level is working to develop different skills with our technology tools.

Third Grade students are beginning to practice typing in a program called Type To Learn. They are learning to keep their fingers on Home Row as they ‘teach their fingers how to type efficiently.’ They are also practicing sitting correctly so they do not cause themselves injury. The second week they also typed spelling words into a word processor. It was fantastic! In order to learn to do things correctly, it is okay to make a mistake. The important part is to have feedback tell the learner about the mistake. Spell checkers on our word processors do not tell the students HOW to spell a word. Just that a word is spelled incorrectly. Most students want to figure out “What is wrong?” so they takes steps to figure out how to fix their mistakes. That is quite POWERFUL! for their learning.

Fourth Graders are currently practicing text formatting.  Using some ideas from the classroom science kits, WATER, students have watched how to create a bulleted list.  They will practice these skills in a couple of weeks.  They are also working toward a keyboarding speed of at least 20 words per minute.  By the end of the year they should be able to type a page of text in one sitting.

Fifth Grades are working on Boo-Graphy in their classrooms.  So, in the lab, they are learning to choose certain text or images to print, instead of printing an entire web page.  Copyright issues are also addressed. Fifth graders are becoming more proficient toward their goal of 25 words per minute and two pages of text in one sitting.

We found some new timeline creation resources like; http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/materials/timeline/ and http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/timeline/

This timeline allows us to see a lot of world events that were occurring at the time.



If you have questions or ideas for lessons, ask.  just e-mail me or even leave a comment.

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