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Book Fair!!


Click here to enter our Scholastic Online Book Fair


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Scholastic Testing link


Click on the image, or the hyperlink

Make good decisions! and Persevere!

Students who use scratch paper on the math test do better than those who choose not to use scratch paper.

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What’s that site?


download (1) Picture1 download (2)type weave silk into your search engine.

the site is weavesilk.com

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Rings of Responsibility Unit Assessment


Click here to see Rings Of Responsibility Unit Assessment

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Rings of Responsibility


Please excuse the size of this image.  Students will be using it to practice a skill of copy, paste and cite your source.  A lesson adapted from the Rings Of Responsibility lesson at commonsensemedia.org.  In this lesson students learn about the responsibilities that they have to themselves, friends and family, and the larger community when they use the internet in  Safe, Responsible and Respectful way.

























Parents:  Mrs. Dotts uses this website as a parent as well as a teacher.  In fact as a Parent, i discovered the valuable resources this site has to offer regarding reviewing the media my children were interacting with.  The website has been used to determine what kinds of games for her son to purchase as well as decision making regarding appropriate movies to view.  Please use the tools here with your family.  http://www.commonsensemedia.org/

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Student Council Survey.


Students have spoken!

It is time to consider a change to the traditional Pickles and Popcorn sale that happened once a month to raise money for the Music Program.

We gathered your ideas and now we will put them to the test.


What two items would you like to see sold in November and December?

The top two responses will be considered.

Click here to take the survey


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Steps to Respect Survey


3rd Grade Link

.                                                              4th Grade link

5th grade link


After the survey, you can view graphs of the responses, then go to TypingWeb.

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Fifth Grade


Whew!  What a big month for the fifth grade Digital Citizens.  As they are preparing to present their Boography, they are learning to save images into their folder on the server, cite their sources and be Responsible with their printing.  Most were shocked to learn that one of our toner cartridges can cost 274.99!!

Knowing this helps them make good decisions about what to print and the purpose of printing.  We only need to print things that we will no longer have access to at a later time. And, when we do print, only choose the smallest portion needed.

Part of being Safe, Responsible and Respectful Digital Citizens.

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Fourth Grade


Fourth Graders are building their strategies for adaptability!  They are also improving their accuracy in the online program called Typingweb just log in to www.typingweb.com

they can continue this practice at home as well.

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Third Grade


After a visit from the deputies about who trusted adults are, Third Graders are learning what types of issues to tell a trusted adult about in their digital life.

Here is a link to a quirky little video from NetSmartz.org


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